About Us

Pch3d is the Distributor (INDIA) Of Bluecast Resins(Italy).
Bluecast produces some of the most advanced castable resins in the world
and follows strict european standards of manufacturing and quality.

 pch3d is a subsidiary of pardeep casting house (PCH).
pch is engaged in jewellery manufacturing business since 1970,in jalandhar punjab.
pch3d is a leading supplier of Uv Curable 3d resins for 3d printing technology
and sells only some of the most high performance resins and 3d printers
especially for the jewellers.

Our Mission:

lately when they introduced rapid prototyping
and 3d printing in their jewellery manufacturing process ,
they realised that india had a very big potential for 3d printers and services
so in this way pch3d was born.Being a jewellery manufacturer itself ,
pch knows the problems and difficulties of a manufacturer while casting 3d printed jewellery parts
and also the value of minute details that are required to produce fine jewellery
and how important is the role of the
a high performance castable resin in casting great jewellery parts.
so inorder to deliver such high standards in 3d printing pch3d had decided to join hands with Bluecast(Italy) which produces high performance castable
resins for jewellers .

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Our Motto :

because it is a relatively new dimension ,it is full of people that have very
little knowledge about 3d printing . that is why they got misleaded by dishonest vendours and usually end up buying crappy and cheap resins and consumables that lead to disappointment.
pch3d is determined to change that by bringing some of the most advanced and high quality resins and consumables to Indian consumer.

pch3d is motivated to change that and bring transparency in the field of 3d printing and its supplies
we aim to bring the most advanced castable resins to India at a price they are available in USA or Europe so that indian jewellery industry can also benefit from them and their quality.