Bluecast Ecogray (Non Casatable)


BlueCast LCD/DLP EcoGray

Castable: NO – Castability: nd

Applications: Dental Model 

Compatible with: all LCD printers like Phrozen ShuffleWanaho D7Anycubic 3d, Micromake L2, X-Cube, Xayav V etc. (405 nm with 30 watt led or higher power) and with all LED UV DLP printers like as Asiga, 3DS Project 1200, Kudo Titan 2, Miicraft, Ember etc.

Washing mode: Ethyl / IPA alcohol 5 min _ Drying with compressed air

UV cure: 10 min.

Shrinkage: Low

Tank bottom: FEP

Color: Gray

Primercat: no needed

Size: 500 gr


Ecogray manufactured by bluecast in italy according to strict European Manufacturing standards. It is eco friendly and health Friendly Dlp/Lcd Resin . Ecogray was developed with specifically one goal in mind i.e how to reduce the health hazards associated with the resins used in 3d printing. Ecogray is gentle on your eyes as well skin , does not cause any irritation to eyes or skin. Completely odour less

Its So neutral on odour that you can use this resin even in your bedroom.

With such mild Chemical agents Ecogray is the perfect resin to be used In schools or for home use , hobbists , artists who are concerned about the health hazards of standard resins.

Compatibilty with all lcd/dlp printers

  • Suitable for engineering and dental applications, models, prototypes.
  • 30% faster than other resins
  • Odorless
  • Harmful monomer and dangerous substances free


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